Mailing address:
P.O. Box 6406 Spring Hill, FL 34611
Tel. (352) 293-8350 / (813) 775-8328
Let’s help the less fortunate ones in Haiti!
Children, young adults, and families for a better Haiti!
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Haitian Journey Foundation, Inc.
For the less fortunate children, young
adults and families of Haiti.
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Your financial support even of a small amount can go a long way
and turn ”it” into a smile and place food on their table.
Greetings to all concerned Haitians and friends,
1) The idea of “Haitian Journey Foundation, for the less fortunate ones in Haiti is an addition to a magazine called
Haitian Journey. As a member of USF Club Creole in 1997, Henock Louis helped create the HJ Magazine in order to
help promote the Haitian culture.

In 2005, a group of concerned students and professionals of Tampa Bay, Florida have published the first issue of
the Haitian Journey Magazine. As they continued to publish the magazine, they realized that they could do more than
promoting the Haitian Culture.

Therefore, in March 30, 2006 “Haitian Journey Foundation, Inc." was founded in Spring Hill, Florida. Its purpose is to
make a long lasting, positive, life change in the lives of the less fortunate children, young adults, and families in Haiti
by providing them with the right tools they need.  
These tools include spiritual, education, health, economic opportunities, and other programs that can help enhance
their knowledge for them to be financially independent.  
Haitian Journey Foundation, Inc. is currently planning three different programs.  These programs are:

1.      To raise funds to help reforest Haiti to combat the lack of trees

2.      To provide sponsorships for children and young adults to attend  
school and for families of three or more to start small businesses

3.      To start technical schools with various programs so individuals in
Haiti can learn new trades so they can better themselves

Haitian Journey Foundation, Inc. is dedicated to helping the less fortunate people in Haiti.  Their feeling is that if you
give a person a fish they will come back for more but if you teach them to fish, they will not need to come back for
additional help.  They want to help people in Haiti become independent and able to support themselves and their
It is urgent for you to watch this video from "Angelina Zambrano" and when you  finish, forward the link to all of your
friends. This video has nothing to do with our website but everything about your life. You must see it! God Bless You.